Phone number for the unemployed to talk to someone - (2023)

How do I know if my Egg has been approved?

How to actually talk to someone in NYS UNEMPLEMENT FAST

Shortly after you have applied for EI, we will send you an EI benefit statement. This does not mean that your application has been approved. Your benefit statement contains the information you need to make your reports via our online or telephone reporting service.

Provide unemployment phone numbers and contact the live agent for assistance with a delayed or pending Ui application

One thing many readers have complained about when it comes to getting help or information about pending unemployment benefits or retroactive claims is finding a number they can call so they can get in touch with someone they need.

Due to ongoing staff shortages at UI state agencies, COVID work restrictions and ongoingsystem/IT issuesUnemployment registration systems make it very difficult to reach a living person who can help with a claim or pending and delinquent payments.

This was acutely felt in the case of the recently ended 2021.extension of unemploymentand for PUA claimants who need to provide much more documentation to substantiate their claim. As government agencies focus their resources on updating IT systems and processing overdue payments related to various UI extensions, they have little time to call and proactively assist those desperate for help with their claims.when they start loading.

That's why most agencies direct people to their state websites or social media channels for more information. But often this information is generic and not helpful to most people with specific claims issues. With that in mind, here are the UI state agency contact numbers and some tips and tricks for contacting a live person.

go to your status

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  • VEC-contactnummers in Virginia

Tennessee Labor Law and E

OpTennessee Labor Lawrequires all Tennessee employers to demonstrate legal hiring and retention. Before 2017, TLEA required all private sector employers to use e-authentication or keep copies of IDs or work permits before a new employee could start work. As of January 1, 2017, all private employers in Tennessee with 50 or more employees are required to use E-Verify in the employment verification process. Employers with fewer than 50 employees can still comply with the pre-2017 rules.

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Ban Box Legislation

Signed in 2016 by Governor Bill HaslamSenate Bill 2440, passing the Tennessee Cash Prohibition Act. This law prohibits employers from asking for an applicant's criminal record when they first apply for a job. While state employers can conduct background checks, they must do so later in the hiring and hiring process, after the initial vetting of applicants has been completed.

How long does it take to get the first unemployment check in Pa

Phone number for the unemployed to talk to someone - (1)

four weeksLog in to Benefit Programs Online and select UI Online to get started.

  • Select Claim.
  • Read the application instructions in the user interface. Select Next to continue.
  • Include your general information, information about your last employer and employment history.
  • Review the information on the summary page and select Submit.
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    How to contact Florida Power and Light faster

    Below you can compare and contrast the 2 ways to contact Florida Power & Light, to see which is the fastest and most recommended by other customers for Florida Power & Light customer service issues reported to us by about 50 million. customers who visit GetHuman every year and share their experiences.

    Kentucky jobless phone numbers

    Sometimes all you need to do is talk to a live person to get your questions answered.

    • Unemployed people who do not have Internet access or do not speak Spanish can call 502-875-0442 Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. M. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time to file a preclaim or reopen a claim by phone. This is not a toll-free number.
    • To request a two-week benefit check by phone, call 1-877-3my-kyui or 369-5984. You cannot request the Extended Condition Check by telephone
    • You can use the Voice Response Unit and the tone phone to check the status of your weekly expense claims. This service is available from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 17:00. M. to 7:00 PM and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. M. to 9:00 PM M. ET
    • If you have questions about unemployment insurance, call 502/564-2900.
    • To contact the Employment and Training Office, call 502.564.7456 or fax 502.564.7459
    • To contact the Kentucky Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, call 1-800-648-6057

    Be prepared for a long wait as there are a lot of people trying to communicate with the staff. Please wait and you will be connected to someone who can answer your questions.

  • the measles

    This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Let us know how we can help you.

  • Try calling the Unemployment Bureau and talking to a claims adjuster.

  • Consider visiting an office near you if it is safe and possible.

  • Beverly bengeDie:
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    How to get an answer about unemployment benefits

    Sometimes claims get stuck and/or payments are delayed. Attempts to reach damage lawyers by telephone are often unsuccessful or do not produce the desired result. Even a visit to the local career center may not pay off.

    In this case, if you have waited more than three or four weeks for a response/approval and/or payment,strongly recommendedyou send an email to your chosen state representative, describing your problem.In almost all cases, a selected representative will contact you almost immediately., please contact the state of DOL who will contact you. Payments are usually released within 48 hours of contacting DOL.

    Remember that your elected officials work for YOU. The unemployment benefit is there to provide financial support until you find work.

    There are many success stories here on the website with this approach.

    BE PROACTIVE Check with your state legislature. You will receive an answer.

    Find your state representative of choice using the links below. We will update and add to this list from time to time. If your state is not listed, please search Google for your chosen representative. Your state's website usually shows up. Most state sites also provide a representative search engine.

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    What does UiClaim mean?

    UPDATE 3/22/2022 How to Talk to a Live Representative at EDD (Department of Employment Development) CA

    Unemployment insurance. The unemployment insurance program pays benefits to employees who lose their jobs and meet the program's requirements. If you have become unemployed or partially unemployed, you can apply for UI. After you apply, you must continue to claim benefits and meet the eligibility requirements.

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    Who determines whether I receive unemployment benefits?

    The decision is made by the Unemployment Compensation Division of the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Many people feel that their employer is somehow "preventing" them from receiving unemployment benefits. It's impossible. Both the employer and the employee send the information to the Department of Labor and the Department makes a decision.

    Phone Numbers for the Unemployed in Tennessee

    Sometimes all you need to do is talk to a live person to get your questions answered. The main TennCares phone number is844-224-5818.

    You can email the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development at

    If you are calling long distance to Nashville from Tennessee or any other state, you can call253-8920.

    Click here to submit a claim through the Claims CenterHereto find the phone number for your county.

    If you live in Tennessee but worked in another state, file for unemployment insurance with the state where your income is listed. Some states, such as Tennessee, accept applications for unemployment benefits over the phone or online from out-of-state residents. Watchlistfor states applying for unemployment benefits by phone or online. If you have worked in a condition not listed, please contact the nearest Office of Workforce Development and Employee Benefits to register. To access the Benefits Office Directory, select Benefits Offices from the Claimant Services menu.

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    Connecticut unemployment phone number

    Sometimes all you need to do is talk to a live person to get your questions answered. In this case, you can call CT Unemployment's phone number: toll-free: 1-800-354-3305

    Be prepared for a long wait as many people are trying to do the same as you. Be patient and you will reach someone who can help you. While waiting that long is frustrating, be kind to the person you're connecting with and you'll get a lot more help than if you were petty and rude. The second line agents are overworked trying their best to help anyone who contacts them.

    Please have the following information ready when you call the CT Unemployment phone number:

    1. Citizen service number.

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    If you need someone to talk to

    Phone number for the unemployed to talk to someone - (2)
    Connect with the Red Cross VFAC Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. before 9:00 PM EST by calling toll-free at 833-492-0094.

    Language services are provided for non-English speakers.

    Disaster Helpline: bel of sms 800-985-5990

    This nationwide hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides immediate crisis advice for people experiencing emotional distress related to a disaster or COVID-19.

    Suicide Prevention Line: 800-273-8255

    This free and confidential helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers support to vulnerable people and preventive and crisis measures.

    Request a call from the Red Cross by clicking the red button below.

    One of our volunteers who can help you navigate the available resources to get what you need will call you back. Our team consists of volunteers who are trained in:

    • behavioral healthwho can provide emotional support, advocacy, referrals, and education about COVID-related stress or mental health issues, including issues with children.
    • mental carewhich can provide spiritual and emotional support, contact religious service providers, and resources related to virtual funerals and memorial services.
    • Health Servicewho can provide emotional support, assistance with basic medical questions, and referral to community resources.
    Individual and group emotional support for frontline workers

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    Can an employer withhold wages?

    Withdraw money from an employee's salary

    employercan only deduct moneyif: the employee agrees to it in writing and it is primarily for his own good. is permitted by law, court order, or the Fair Labor Commission, or. is permitted under the employee's registered contract and the employee agrees to it.

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    How many weeks do I have left on my Egg

    If you receive regular unemployment benefits, it will last between 14 and 45 weeks, depending on the following factors: unemployment rate where you live and. the number of insurable hours accrued in the last 52 weeks or since the last claim, whichever is shorter.

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    Compensation History Questions and Disclosures

    Although 19 states and 21 cities have taken some measuresno questions about salary historyTennessee has yet to pass legislation that would prohibit employers from asking applicants for salary history during job interviews. In addition, no city in Tennessee has passed wage-related bans.

    How Long Does It Take To Get Unemployment Certificate In Tn?

    UPDATE 08/10/21 How to Talk to a Live Representative at EDD (Employment Development Department) CA

    COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that the average time between application submission and receipt of a fully resolved suitability assessment can typically be 45-60 days.

    Does the Tennessee DUA still pay?

    DUA payments are typically paid for up to 26 weeks, starting in the first week after the disaster begins. These benefits are subject to federal income tax and individuals may choose to have these taxes withheld from their DUA payments.

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    What to do if Ny Living Unemployed contact details don't work

    It is normal for customer service menu options to change over time. Customer service options and even contact phone numbers can be removed and added. If you're having trouble finding a genuine Ny Unemployment customer service agent with the instructions above, leave a comment in the comments section below and we'll improve this guide. We continuously monitor customer service contact numbers, emails and chats to ensure that instructions for speaking to a live person at New York Unemployment Customer Service are as accurate as possible.

    If you managed to get in touch with a live customer service agent at Ny Unemployment, leave your instructions in the comments section below for everyone to benefit from.

    Tennessee Unemployment Support Phone Numbers

    • TN Unemployment Assistance phone number: 1-844-224-5818. Live Tennessee Unemployment Insurance customer service is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM CT and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CT.
    • Unemployment Certificate and Historical Unemployment Data: 1-615-442-7009.
    • Employers, government officials and their contractors and third parties: 1-615-741-3170.
    • Report suspected benefit fraud to UI: 1-615-206-3116.
    • Report suspected tax fraud UI: 1-615-741-2346.
    • Disaster Helpline: 1-844-436-7117.

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    How to Talk to a Live Person in New York City Unemployment Customer Service

    To speak to a live New York City Unemployment Customer Service representative, please call 1-888-209-8124. To talk to a live agent, you must press 0, then press the cross and stay on the line.

    New York Unemployment customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Red Cross training for social workers

    Phone number for the unemployed to talk to someone - (3)

    The Red Cross understands that the COVID-19 pandemic is stressful for the entire community, family and friends, caregivers, colleagues, neighbors and more. Our focused psychological first aid training programs, led by mental health professionals, can help you manage additional stress, build resilience and encourage peer support. These free courses last approximately two hours and can be tailored to the needs of the local community.

    Coping with today's world, psychological first aid and resilience of families, friends and neighborshelps community members learn ways to increase mental resilience and better cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This free course teaches participants psychological first aid to adults and children, with a range of immediate support strategies. The course also includes resources and references for when someone needs additional help from counselors or other healthcare professionals.

    This course is suitable forCommunity groupsHowPTA,church's,reconnaissance troops,sports teamsand other civil society organisations.

    Psychological first aid: Helping others in times of stressprovides a framework for understanding the factors that influence the stress responses of responders and the people they serve.

    If you would like to request a virtual demo of one of these classes or a group support session, please complete this short request form:

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    How to Talk to a Live Unemployment Representative

    Press 1 to select English or hear prompts in your language, press 6 to update your information, press 7 to update your information, press 1 or 4 to update your phone number or address, enter your enter social security number and press 1 to confirm your social security number, they will put you through to a representative.

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    How to Qualify for Unemployment Benefit in Tennessee

    You may qualify for Tennessee Unemployment Insurance benefits if you became unemployed through no fault of your own, had sufficient income in the past 12 months, and are willing, able, and available to work.

    To be eligible for unemployment benefits in Tennessee, you must be a resident of Tennessee and meet all of the following criteria:

    • You are unemployed through no fault of your own
    • He's been working in Tennessee for 12 months.
    • Earned the minimum wage set by Tennessee guidelines
    • Each week that you collect benefits, you are actively looking for work

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    How Do I Report Tennessee Unemployment Scam?

    Anyone who suspects unemployment benefit fraud in Tennessee can raise concerns by calling, writing, or emailing one of the numbers below. All reports of fraudulent claims are carefully collected and reviewed, and this information may remain anonymous during the investigation process.

    Checking the payment of benefits

  • An automated phone system connects you to a live Tennessee Unemployment customer service representative
  • Main Menu Tennessee Unemployment Voice

    • Press 1 for help with unemployment claims or questions about unemployment benefits.
    • Press 2 for help with unemployment taxes for employers, such as quarterly taxes, tax rates, and employer account numbers.
    • Press 3 for all other calls.

    Tennessee unemployment submenu

    • Press 1 for questions or help with your claim.
    • Press 2 for questions or help with weekly certification.
    • Press 3 for general application questions or to check the status of your application or get help opening your Jobs4TN account or resetting your password.

    Identity fraud report unemployed

    Tennessee Unemployment Benefits ($900 a week or $18,000) How to Apply

    *Use:This information is specific to the unemployed.identityfraud. Report other types of unemployment scams, including eligible claimant scams or employer scams, on our siteReport an unemployment scamkant.

  • Report identity fraud to the unemployed in the state where it occurred. Find the contact information for your state unemployment officeHere.
  • You may not immediately receive a status confirmation when you submit your application. Time estimates for this process vary by state.
  • Each state has different requirements and processes for investigating identity fraud. Some may require additional documentation for an investigation. When reporting identity fraud of an unemployed person, you must follow all instructions from the state.
  • If you received a 1099-G tax form for unemployment benefits that you did not receive, the state will provide you with a revised 1099-G form and update the tax file with the IRS on your behalf.
  • On your income tax return, state ONLY the income you actually received.
  • Don't wait for your revised 1099-G to file your taxes.
  • Don't wait for the state investigation to complete before filing your tax return.
  • Don't report incorrect 1099-G income on your tax return.
  • If you have already filed a tax return, do not file an amended tax return. The Tax and Customs Administration will issue additional guidelines on what to do now. Find updates and additional information about filing your tax returns with the IRSHere.
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    How do I get in touch with TN unemployment? ›

    Call (844) 224-5818

    If you prefer to submit a ticket to the Help Desk about your issues: You may click on the following Help Desk link during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Central time):

    How do I speak to a NYS unemployment representative? ›

    Or call toll-free 888-209-8124 from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you use a Video Relay System or another type of relay service, contact your relay operator and ask the relay operator to call 888-783-1370. Go to our web site at Or, call toll-free 888-581-5812.

    What is the phone number for NYS unemployment collections? ›

    If you are unable to pay off this overpayment in full, you can set up a payment plan by calling the Collections Unit at 800-533-6600 or writing to the Unemployment Insurance Division at the address listed above.

    How do I contact VA unemployment? ›

    Send a message to your nearest VEC Office. For TTY* Callers: Virginia Relay, Call 711 or 800-828-1140.


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